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Why You Should Get Chipped Paintwork Fixed ASAP

Have you got chipped paintwork on your car? Whether it was the fault of another car, a pesky wall or maybe even a fallen branch, it’s frustrating when small or medium damage appears on your vehicle. It can happen quite easily, even if you drive carefully. More often than not, stones or small pebbles can come up off the road and damage the body of your car through no fault of your own.

It can be tempting to just leave these spots and scrapes for many reasons. In this article, we explain why you shouldn’t leave chips and scratches for a long time.

Further Damage

If your car has chipped paintwork, leaving it can cause further damage. Once the coating of a vehicle is vulnerable, paint is prone to peeling even further and possibly flaking off around the area. For what was once a small scratch in the paint, can develop into a larger issue. Severe weather and even a particularly abrasive car wash can worsen the look a chip. If the issue does get bigger, it is going to result in a more expensive fix. This is why we recommend fixing them as soon as possible.


Possibly the biggest reason to get chipped paintwork sorted it to prevent rust from appearing. This is a reddish, brown hue that crops up when the bare metal is exposed to moisture. Rust can even spread to other parts of your vehicle if left untreated. It can even start to corrode the body of a car, and cause further damage than the initial problem. This will make the price of a repair more expensive. To prevent rust appearing, it’s best to fix a chip or a scrape as early as you can.

Red Car With Door Scratches
White car with scuffs on bumper

It Doesn’t Look Great

Imperfections in a car body don’t look too good. If you use your vehicle for work or simply like the appearance of a well-looked after car, you’ll want to get chipped paintwork fixed as soon as possible. Especially if your vehicle is a colour that makes chips stand out, like a black or a red. To ensure you car stays in great condition, ensure you get SMART repairs for chipped paintwork.

For Quality Chipped Paintwork Repairs

If your car has fallen victim to a few scuffs, chips or scrapes, ensure you get them fixed as soon as possible. We complete SMART repairs for small to medium sizes imperfections. To get a free quote on your damage, get in touch with our team.

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