Car dent repair with no paint removal

Why Choose Professional Car Body Repairs

It can be tempting to perform a repair yourself to save money, but ultimately it won’t be the same level as getting professional car body repairs. In this article, we explore the dangers of a do-it-yourself job and why visiting the experts is necessary.

The Dangers Of DIY

Causing Further Damage

Whilst DIY car body repairs might seem like a good idea, if it goes wrong it could make a problem much worse. If a mistake is made, it could cause larger damage to the vehicle’s body and be an even bigger expense. As someone who isn’t familiar with cars, you may also misdiagnose problems. Perhaps you’ve bashed your door and need to fix the dents and scrapes. You might believe that these can be fixed yourself, however, you might be misunderstanding the severity of it. If something else was damaged inside, this may have caused issues with the structure and could be a safety hazard that goes undetected.

Red Car With Door Scratches

Compromised Quality

If you’re not too sure what you’re doing, fixing bodywork on your vehicle might not turn out looking great. It takes lots of practice and skill to make the finish look good. Plus, if you’re repainting an area it takes quite a lot of effort. Over time, UV rays and exposure to the heat can slightly alter the colour of your car. So, even though you’ve ordered the exact colour paint of your vehicle’s make and model, it can be slightly different.

DIY solutions to a dent, scratch or chip might work. However, it’s unlikely that it’s going to be perfect. If it is obvious that work has been done, this might reduce the amount you can sell your car if you choose to. Potential buyers might be wary of the work done and not want to pay the asking price.

White car with scuffs on bumper

Why Professional Car Body Repairs Are Recommended

Quality Job

Probably the biggest advantage of professional car body repairs is that the results look great. The team working on your vehicle will have plenty of combined experience and the skills required to complete the job to a high standard. Plus, they have all the necessary equipment to make light work of it. At R & C Smart Repairs, we use SMART methods which ensure scratches and chips are repaired to a high standard.

Efficient Work

What might take a professional a few hours will probably take someone inexperienced a lot longer. To save you time and effort, it’s best to call the experts. As mentioned, they will have the right equipment to complete a job in no time.

For Professional Car Body Repairs, Call R & C Smart Repairs

If you want a quality finish, get in touch with us now. We have over 25 years of experience of fixing bodywork, so you can be confident in what we do. For an estimate of the damage, contact us today.

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